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Sales & Marketing

Selling Tactics & Strategies.

Strategic Marketing Plans. Advertising. Promotion.

Brand Royalty. Brand Strategy. Brand Value.


Leadership Development. Motivation. Persuasion.

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Investment & Trading

Investment Strategy, Investment Management

Futures Trading. Options Investment. Exchange-Traded Funds. Swaps. Forwards.

Equity Investments. Stock Investment. Stock Trading Strategy.

Foreign Exchange Trading. Forex Investing. Currency Trading. Forex Capital Markets.



Business Finance. Strategic Corporate Finance.

Business Forecasting. Cash Flow Forecasting.

Business Formulas. Financial Ratios. Financial Statement Analysis.

Business Risk. Investment Risk. Credit Risk.

Macroeconomics. Microeconomics. Managerial Economics.

Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable. Billing. Collections.GAAP. IFRS. CPA Exam.

Real Estate Investments. Property Investment. Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Life Insurance. Auto Insurance. Medical Insurance. Health Insurance. Disability Insurance.

Business Laws. Civil Law. Criminal law. Defense Attorney. Personal Injury Attorneys. Auto Accident Lawyers.


Human Resources

Career Planning. Career Moves.

Learning Organization. Professional Development.

Training Techniques. Training Design and Delivery.

Talent Retention. Executive Talent. Succession Strategy.


Business Functions & Management

Organizational Structure. Organizational Learning.

Corporate Accountability. Public Company Audit.

Customer Care Excellence. Managing Strategic Accounts.

Occupational Health and Safety.



Business Functions & Management

Balanced Scorecard. Performance Dashboards.

COSO. ERM. COBIT. IFRS. BASEL II. OMB's A-123. ASX 10. Turnbull Guidance.

Lean Six Sigma. Quality Control. Waste Elimination. Defect Prevention.

Organizational Change. Managing Transition.


Human Resources

HR Management. Workforce Management. Employment Practice.

Employee Engagement. Work Relationship Management.

Resume Writing. Job Interview Tips. Employment Personality Tests.

Performance Appraisal. Progressive Discipline.


Business Skills

Conflict Resolution Toolbox. Mediation Techniques.

Success Strategy. Journey to Excellence.

Interpersonal Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence. Thinking and Reasoning.

Expert Judgement. Decision Management.





Strategy & Management

Business Development. Business Models. Business Plan.

Joint Ventures. Strategic Alliances. E-Partnerships.

Corporate Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Franchising Opportunities. International Franchising. Franchising Funding.



Strategy & Management

Corporate Strategy. Business Growth & Transformation.

Management Techniques. Management Models.

Value Management. Value Creation. Value Innovation.

Financial Valuation. Investment Valuation. Equity Asset Valuation.




Business Skills

Business Negotiation. Strategic Negotiation.

Creative Thinking. Strategic Innovation.

Writing Skills. Business Writing. Business Letters. Scientific Reports.

Team Management Skills. Effective Teams. Collaborative Management.




Asset Protection & Wealth Management



Retirement & Pension

Business Investment

Bonds & Fixed Income

Hedge Fund

Commodity & Energy

Financial Market



Business Management

Manufacturing & Production Management

Maintenance Management

Operational Management

Consulting Management


Business Management

Outsourcing Management

Procurement & Purchasing

Inventory Management

Product Development & Design




Payroll Management

Quantitative Finance




Cash Management

Cost Reduction and Control

Debt Management

Fraud Management





Business Skills

Positive Attitude & Emotion Control

Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling

Communication Skills & Intelligent Questioning

Facilitation Skills


Business Skills

People Management

Political Skills & Power

Stress Management

Time Management


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Business Process Management. Business Process Outsourcing. Process Improvement. Accelerating Process Improvement Methodology (APIM) Toolkit. CMMI Maturity Levels. Organizational Change.

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Kutenk.com is Center for Business Process Management. Business Process Outsourcing. Process Improvement. Accelerating Process Improvement Methodology (APIM) Toolkit. CMMI Maturity Levels. Organizational Change.  

Business Process Management. Business Process Outsourcing. Process Improvement. Accelerating Process Improvement Methodology (APIM) Toolkit. CMMI Maturity Levels. Organizational Change.


All Professional EBooks are available on PDF Format with No Security or DRM ( Digital Right Management) Restriction.
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Business Process Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Process Improvement, Creating the Value Managed Enterprise
CMMI Maturity Levels, Organizational Change, Accelerating Process Improvement Methodology (APIM) Toolkit, Business Process Strategies, Business Process Outsourcing Contract, Transformational Outsourcing, BPO Vendor Selection, Managing the Buyer–Vendor Relationship

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6 Business Process Outsourcing—Process, Strategies, and Contracts, Second Edition John K. Halvey and Barbara M. Melby  Link
7 Business Process Outsourcing—The Competitive Advantage  Rick L. Click  Link
8 CFO Insights—Achieving High Performance Through Finance Business Process Outsourcing  Stewart Clements, Michael Donnellan and Cedric Read  Link
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