Maximum Influence: The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion, Second Edition | by Kurt W. Mortensen | ISBN: 9780814432099 | Common Persuasion Blunders. Contagious Cooperation. ow to Get Anyone to Do a Favor for You. Logical Mind Versus Emotional Heart. How to Make Price (or Time) a Nonissue

Maximum Influence—The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion, Second Edition 9780814432099

by Kurt W. Mortensen
ISBN: 9780814432099

Combining scientific research with real-world studies, this book presents an authoritative and effective arsenal of persuasion techniques by revealing the 12 Laws of Persuasion, and explaining why each law works, how to use it, and what to avoid.

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Table of Contents
Maximum Influence—The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion, Second Edition

Chapter 1 – The Power of Persuasion: Key to Success
Persuasion: The Engine to Your Success
With the Right Tools, you will Succeed
Common Persuasion Blunders
Effective Persuasion Requires Adaptation
Effective Persuasion Has Lasting Impact
The Fable of the Sun and the Wind
The Formula: 12 Laws of Maximum Influence

Chapter 2 – Subconscious Triggers: The Automatic Yes
The Automatic Triggers of Persuasion
Thinking About Not Thinking
The 12 Laws of Persuasion
The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion

Chapter 3 – The Law of Connectivity: Contagious Cooperation
Attraction: The Halo Effect
People Skills: Winning Instant Acceptance
Rapport: The Instant Connection

Chapter 4 – The Law of Involvement: Create and Maintain Interest
Increasing Participation
Creating the Right Atmosphere
Maintaining Attention
Using the Art of Questioning
Telling Mesmerizing Stories
Engaging the Senses

Chapter 5 – The Law of Esteem: How Praise Releases Energy
The Inflated Ego
Respond Instead of React
The Leverage of Praise

Chapter 6 – The Law of Obligation: How to Get Anyone to Do a Favor for You
Definition of the Law of Obligation
The Law of Obligation and Marketing
Give a Gift, Expect a Gift in Return
Applying the Law of Obligation

Chapter 7 – The Law of Dissonance: Internal Pressure Is the Secret
The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
The Human Brain
Methods of Protecting Mental Alignment
Maintaining Psychological Alignment
Using Dissonance to Create Action
Getting Your Foot in the Door (Fitd)
Four Steps to Using the Law of Dissonance
Final Note

Chapter 8 – The Law of Verbal Packaging: The Leverage of Language
The Inherent Power of Words
The Fundamentals of Language Usage
Vocal Techniques: Keep People Attentive and Listening

Chapter 9 – The Law of Association: Create the Environment of Influence
Anchors: Capture the Feeling
Affiliation: Create the Link
Advertising and Marketing
Use Association to Persuade and Influence

Chapter 10 – The Law of Balance: Logical Mind Versus Emotional Heart
Logic: What Stirs an Audience?
Evidence and Logic
Compelling Evidence
Emotion: Winning People’s Hearts
Types of Emotions
Mood and Happiness
Tip the Scale

Chapter 11 – The Law of Expectations: The Impact of Suggestion
Assumptions: Expect with Confidence
The Expectations of Others Affect Behavior
Presupposition: Assuming the Sale
The Placebo Effect
The Get-What-you-Pay-for Expectation
Time Expectations
Embedded Commands
Goal Setting: Creating Personal Expectations

Chapter 12 – The Law of Contrast: How to Make Price (or Time) a Nonissue
Types of Contrast
Comparison Effect: Taking Their Temperature
Just Noticeable Difference (JND)
How to Use the Law of Contrast

Chapter 13 – The Law of Social Validation: The Art of Social Pressure
Going with the Crowd
Social Validation at Work
Social Validation: the Power of the Group
The Other Side of Social Validation
Social Validation and Marketing
Making Social Validation Work
Are you Credible in the Eyes of Your Prospect?

Chapter 14 – The Law of Scarcity: Get Anyone to Take Immediate Action
Why Scarcity Drives us Wild
The Law of Scarcity in Marketing
How to Use the Law of Scarcity

Chapter 15 – The Inside Secrets of Maximum Influence: Your Prepersuasion Checklist
Change: Get Inside a Closed Mind
Monitoring the Acceptance Level: Where Does Your Audience Stand?
Your Listening Skills: Crack the Code
Meta Programs: Your Persuasion Radar
Persuasive Presentations: Structure to Win
Creating Your Call to Action
Inoculation: Defend Against the Attack
Preparation is the Key to Influence

Next Steps
Final Thought

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